Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Services

Clinical trials involving recombinant DNA (genetic engineering) are becoming more common in multiple therapeutic areas and particularly in oncology. NIH Guidelines require both IRB and IBC review for gene therapy research that receives NIH funding or takes place at sites receiving NIH funding.

Schulman’s IBC services can guide you through every step of the IBC review process and support recombinant DNA research that is conducted safely and responsibly.

What Is an IBC?

An IBC is a committee that reviews safety aspects of research involving recombinant DNA (genetic engineering), including:

  • Risks associated with genetic modifications and experimental procedures
  • Occupational and environmental safety

When Is IBC Review Necessary?

NIH Guidelines require IBC review when research involving recombinant DNA is:

  • Funded by NIH


  • Taking place at a site that receives NIH funding

IBC review may also be conducted in cases where the research site and sponsor are entirely privately funded.

Benefits of Schulman’s IBC Services

  • Schulman’s commercial IBC services offer: Complete set-up, registration support and administrative resources to operate your local IBC in compliance with NIH guidelines.
  • Coordinated and standardized IBC review process across all participating sites provides further time and resource savings.
  • Efficiencies increase significantly when Schulman manages both the IBC and IRB reviews.

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If you’re as passionate about biosafety as we are, let’s talk! Schulman is seeking IBC committee members, community members, site inspectors and consultants across the US to assist on a part-time basis with the IBC review process and biosafety-related projects.

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