Schulman IRB utilizes a flexible panel approach to IRB meetings. Instead of designating fixed membership lists for multiple IRBs or panels, Schulman’s single IRB can assign IRB members to any meeting based on the specific expertise required.

New studies are reviewed based on client-requested timelines and IRB member availability, so a set IRB meeting calendar is not necessary. Consistent expertise is also readily available for ongoing review and other review activities.

The IRB meets every day of the business week excluding business holidays. To confirm a meeting date and associated deadline for your submission, call Schulman at 513.761.4100.

The IRB consists of a heterogeneous group of lay and scientific members with nearly a century of collective IRB experience who meet the requirements of the federal regulations for IRB membership.

IRB member candidates complete a formal mentoring program before consideration for membership. IRB members are provided with ongoing education and are required to complete six hours of continuing education in human subject protection annually.

Need to review IRB composition for a particular review date? Fill out the form below to request the IRB Membership List. A complete IRB Membership List library is also available via Schulman’s WebPortal and SiteAccess systems.