Schulman IRB is proud to offer sponsors, institutions, CROs and investigators the industry’s most advanced set of submission, study tracking and collaboration tools.

Available exclusively to Schulman IRB clients, our eTools make it easy for clients to submit study materials, download approval documentation on-demand, track the status of studies at the protocol or site-specific level and much more. With Schulman’s eTools, unprecedented visibility into the IRB’s processes is a mouse click away.

Our team crafts and updates tools specifically based on client feedback, so Schulman’s eTools do exactly what you need them to do – not just what is easy for us to offer.

eSubmissionTM 2.0

Driven by Schulman’s SmartForms engine, eSubmissionTM 2.0 is the next evolution in IRB submissions. Whether you’re sending a study protocol, site and investigator information, subject safety materials or ongoing review reports, eSubmission 2.0 automatically prompts you for the information that’s necessary for your unique submission – and doesn’t distract you with what isn’t.

The result? Cleaner IRB submissions, completed in less time and with less administrative follow-up, and immediate confirmation of receipt.

WebPortalTM 3D

WebPortalTM 3D provides sponsors and CROs with direct access to Schulman IRB systems. Rather than waiting for mailed correspondence or an email, study contacts receive immediate status updates as actions are taken by IRB personnel. You’ll learn your review date within seconds of it being set, be notified immediately when sites are up for reapproval and much more. No other IRB offers more transparency and visibility into the review process.


Designed for use by investigators and other site staff, SiteAccessTM delivers the same unparalleled business intelligence as WebPortal3DTM, but customized to the unique needs of a research site.

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