Schulman routinely provides IRB oversight to support institutional research. “Institutions” include academic medical centers, colleges, universities, hospital systems, community hospitals, nursing facilities, and other centers that may or may not have local IRBs.

Schulman can serve as an institution’s IRB where there is not a local IRB with jurisdiction or where the local IRB defers jurisdiction, in writing, to Schulman. Institutions can choose to defer to Schulman on a case by case basis or can enter into a more comprehensive services agreement with Schulman.

Schulman offers flexible solutions tailored to fit each institution’s specific needs.

  • We will work with the institution to ensure that institutional policies and other local concerns are appropriately addressed, including development of institution-specific informed consent text and collaboration with local research office requirements.
  • An experienced point of contact is always available to assist with inquiries regarding studies under Schulman’s oversight.
  • Schulman also offers a variety of training opportunities that can be customized to meet each institution’s needs.
  • Our Quality Assurance team continuously monitors the quality of reviews, confirming that important human subject protection issues were considered, that reviews were performed by qualified Board members with appropriate levels of expertise, and that sufficient time for review was provided.
  • Schulman recognizes that an institution may work with several central IRBs, each requiring different submission processes and forms. To minimize administrative burden, Schulman’s eTools can be customized to better fit specific institutional needs.

Schulman meets the requirements of the federal regulations on human subject protection (45 CFR 46 and 21 CFR 50, 56), is registered with FDA and OHRP, and reviews federally funded research that falls under the auspices of OHRP. Review our Statement of Compliance for more information.

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