Transfer IRB Oversight for Studies

InstitutionsTo request transfer of IRB oversight for an ongoing Single Site or Multisite Study, the following items are required in addition to the standard study submission requirements:

  • Completed appropriate Transfer of IRB Addendum:
  • Informed Consent Document(s) currently approved for use (if applicable), in Word and unlocked.
  • Request for Alteration or Waiver of IC and/or Request for Alteration or Waiver of Authorization (if applicable), even if previously approved by another IRB.
  • Recruitment Materials and Study-Related Materials (diaries etc.) in use or to be used in the future. (When enrollment is closed, recruitment items are not required).
  • Summary of the amendments and administrative changes to the original protocol since its initial approval AND a revised protocol incorporating all amendments to date.
  • If the study is funded by a grant, confirm that the protocol has been previously checked against the grant application by either another IRB or your organization’s research department. If this has not occurred, please submit a copy of the grant application so it can be done by our Board.
  • Additional requirements for Single Site Study:
    • Most current version(s) of the approved Informed Consent(s) (if applicable) signed by a subject with all personal information redacted.
    • Research Oversight Jurisdiction Form for research conducted at an institution (e.g., hospital, academic medical center, etc.).