Recruitment & Study-Related Materials

Schulman IRB - Information for InvestigatorsRecruitment Material examples: print advertisements, television and radio advertisements, letters from doctors, study websites/web listings, posters, Scripts For Phone Screens, brochures, and doctor to other doctor letters (when used for recruitment purposes).

Study-Related Materials include, but are not limited to: subject diaries, subject instruction sheets, questionnaires, surveys, and house rules for overnight stays.

Submit recruitment and study-related materials for review and approval or acknowledgement before using them. Please review our Recruitment and Study-Related Materials Guidance for more information.

If you plan to have materials translated into another language, you must first obtain approval or acknowledgement for the English versions.

Recruitment and study-related materials must be accompanied by the Recruitment/Study-Related Material(s) Submission Form. You may submit these materials to Schulman via:

If preparing an advertisement for TV, video or audio media, we recommend you first submit the written script for review as the Board may require revisions. Once the script is approved, submit the video or audio, along with the approved script, for final approval. Tight Phase I timelines may necessitate your submitting the script and final production together. When submitting TV or video scripts for review, describe or include in the written script any graphics, photos, logos or text that will be visible on screen.

After review, we will imprint a unique Schulman Material Item Number (MA#) on the first page of each item. This MA# will correspond with the MA# on the associated decision letter. Schulman may approve, acknowledge, or request changes to the item. Items that do not require approval will be acknowledged and may be used without further review. These items include copyrighted documents, some subject instructions and standardized questionnaires.

Recruitment item turnaround time is 2-3 business days.

Schulman offers a rush service for recruitment and study-related materials for an additional fee, which provides review and decision within 24 hours of receipt. The number and complexity of items submitted simultaneously may prohibit a rush review.

Materials are distributed to the study contacts via the method (WebPortal 3D, SiteAccess, or e-mail) specified by the study sponsor or CRO.