Schulman IRB Partners with iMedRIS to Develop IBC Technology

April 5th, 2017

Schulman IRB, the industry-leading independent IRB in customer service and technology, announced today that iMedRIS Data Corporation, the fastest growing technology provider for optimizing research compliance and administration software, is developing the technology to power Schulman’s forthcoming institutional biosafety committee (IBC) service.

IBC clients and committee members will work from the same iMedRIS-developed platform, reducing duplicate data entry and the potential for errors while providing users with access to real-time information throughout the review process.

“We looked at a lot of options, and in the end we determined iMedRIS simply offers the best IBC software available,” said Daniel Eisenman, Biosafety Officer at Schulman IRB. “We’re able to easily customize the technology to our clients’ and committee members’ needs, and the system integrates well with our existing systems.”

For research involving human gene transfer (also known as gene therapy research), NIH Guidelines require a thorough risk assessment be performed by an IBC, along with institutional review board (IRB) review, for clinical trials to ensure the risks are identified and adequately mitigated.

Schulman’s forthcoming commercial IBC service will provide an independent option for research sponsors and institutions required to establish IBCs. The service will launch in the spring of 2017.