Schulman IRB Reaches Over 1,000 Contractual Relationships with Research Institutions

February 28th, 2017

Schulman IRB announced today that it now holds over 1,000 contractual relationships with research institutions. This includes agreements with individual institutions as well as broader agreements with healthcare systems and reliance networks like SMART IRB and IRBchoice.

Schulman’s customized services for institutions provide organizations with a variety of support options. A dedicated point of contact works with each institution to ensure local requirements are addressed and services meet the unique needs of the institution.

“When you’ve worked with one institution, you’ve worked with one institution,” said Bette Bayne, Senior Director of Institutional Services at Schulman IRB. “We’re proud to offer personalized services for each institution. Our team includes several members who previously worked for local IRBs and institutional research offices, so we truly understand the challenges these groups face.”

Institutions receive tailored reports and other communications according to their specific requirements. Schulman can work with institutions on a case-by-case basis, or it can enter into global agreements to oversee a specific portion or all of an institution’s research.

Schulman maintains a current list of institutions with whom it can work, which may be useful for sponsors and CROs seeking sites who can work with a single central IRB. Institutions may also wish to review this list to understand which of their colleague organizations already work with Schulman. To request this list, please contact Business Development.