Updates to eTools Messaging Format

September 20th, 2017

To ensure timely delivery of important IRB notifications, Schulman IRB will be updating the method used to send automated messages from its eTools system.

The changeover will take place on September 23rd from 10PM-12AM Eastern. During this time, Schulman’s eTools and all notifications may be unavailable. Following this maintenance window, email notifications will resume as normal.

Clients do not need to take any action regarding this update. Schulman’s IT Team does not anticipate any negative impacts from this change.

Schulman has recently seen an increase in its automated eTools messages being blocked or blacklisted by client systems. As these eTools messages contain timely, crucial information regarding IRB review activities, Schulman is altering the method it uses to send the messages to one that is less prone to being flagged as spam. This will better ensure prompt delivery to all users.

Please note that this change will only impact automated eTools messages and will not affect any other incoming or outgoing email communications from Schulman. Automated messages will be queued during this window, and delivery of emails will not be affected.

Technical summary:

On Saturday, September 23rd, from 10PM-12AM, Schulman will be modifying its automated email delivery method from a SQL-based process to one that meets TLS requirements. This will help external systems read the emails as coming from a trusted source and ensure more reliable delivery of critical IRB notifications.

Schulman’s IT Team is available to provide additional technical information by request and can also upon request send a test message to clients to ensure everyone is prepared. For technical support, contact