PDQ: Performance Data Quicklist


Introducing PDQ – Performance Data Quicklist – a new efficiency tool designed to help sponsors and CROs simplify study start-up and achieve unparalleled visibility into site performance.

More than just a list of sites, PDQ provides detailed site performance metrics synthesized from actual completed studies, providing fact-based insights into sites’ performance potential while maintaining client confidentiality.

PDQ can be used to augment existing site databases, increasing study resources to identify high performing sites and to find additional sites for studies already in progress.

Backed by Schulman’s 30-plus years of experience, PDQ makes it easy to create custom performance analytics dashboards, displaying the premium, curated data you need – exactly how you need it. Data can be filtered by therapeutic area, indication, location, enrollment and many other criteria.

PDQ provides generalized data and does not share confidential study-specific or client-specific information.

With PDQ, efficient, confident study planning is easier than ever. Contact us to learn more.