Why Schulman IBC?

IBC review shouldn’t be an obstacle to conducting innovative research. Whether you require both IBC and IRB review services or standalone IBC support, our experts will help you navigate the federal requirements to ensure your study is conducted safely and with minimal regulatory delay.

Schulman can assess your IBC needs and provide all components to complement an existing IBC or build and administer an entirely new IBC from scratch.

Commercial IBC Services

  • Complete set-up and registration of IBC
  • Training
  • IBC review
  • RAC review facilitation
  • Ongoing IBC support
  • Site inspection
  • Consulting
  • IBC support for clinical, pre-clinical and non-clinical research


Schulman provides the set-up, registration support and administrative resources to operate your local IBC in compliance with NIH guidelines. We’ll work with you to develop an IBC roster of your local members with Schulman’s experienced biosafety professionals and subject matter experts.

Coordinated Review = Efficiency

Take advantage of increased efficiencies when Schulman manages both the IBC and IRB reviews. No need to wait for one committee’s approval before the other review can begin: concurrent reviews with both committees working collaboratively accelerate the regulatory approval process.

Standardization and Savings

A standardized IBC review process across all participating sites provides further time and resource savings. Efficiencies may be gained for sites received with the initial multi-site study IBC submission.

Turnaround Time and Process

IBC Process
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Join IBC Services

If you’re as passionate about biosafety as we are, let’s talk! Schulman is seeking IBC committee members, community members, site inspectors and consultants across the US to assist on a part-time basis with the IBC review process and biosafety-related projects.

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