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AccountingAsk about invoices, payments, W-9 requests or ACH/EFT payment options. Send Mail
AmendmentsAsk about protocol amendments, protocol administrative changes, amendment resulting in changes to the informed consent.Send Mail
Approval DocumentsAsk about formal notification of IRB approval of new studies and research sites.Send Mail
Business DevelopmentAsk about Schulman’s services, turnaround times, service fees, and other inquiries from potential clients.Send Mail
Client RelationsAsk about points of contact for existing sponsor, CRO, and institutional customers.Send Mail
Document RetrievalRequest copies of previously submitted documents. Documents will be retrieved either from onsite or offsite storage.Send Mail
Drug or Device SafetyAsk about submitting new or revised IBs, PPIs and DSMB reports or their acknowledgement of receipt.Send Mail
FDA Form 1572sSchulman does not require 1572 submissions.Send Mail
Indemnity, Confidentiality and IRB Services AgreementsAsk about legal agreement templates or agreement negotiations.Send Mail
Institutional ServicesAsk about Schulman’s collaborative approach to partnering with institutions and local IRBs.Send Mail
New SubmissionsAsk about new protocol and research site submissions, including form questions.Send Mail
Ongoing ReviewAsk about protocol continuing review, site periodic review, and other re-approval matters.Send Mail
Pesticide and Environmental StudiesAsk about studies governed by EPA regulations (40 CFR, part 26), including pesticide studies. Send Mail
Provision Research Compliance ServicesRequest GCP and HRP consulting/advisory and training services.Send Mail
Quality AssuranceContact Schulman's Quality Assurance Team.Send Mail
Recruitment MaterialAsk about review of recruitment materials, such as media ads, subject letters, websites, telephone screening scripts, newsletters, prescreening questionnaires, prescreening consent documents, and doctor-to-doctor letters.Send Mail
Revised Site Specific Informed ConsentAsk about revisions to a site's informed consent.Send Mail
Site Information or PI ChangesAsk about changes to the site's contact, investigators, phone number or address.Send Mail
SiteAccess SupportRequest SiteAccess support for site users.Send Mail
Study-Related MaterialAsk about review of study-related materials, such as diaries, subject instructions, and questionnaires.Send Mail
Subject SafetyAsk about reporting deviations, safety reports, unanticipated problems, or non-compliance with regulations, protocol, or IRB requirements.Send Mail
Technical SupportRequest support for website and other eTools.Send Mail
TranslationsAsk about translation of documents including informed consents, recruitment items, and study-related materials.Send Mail
WebPortal 3D SupportRequest WebPortal 3D support for sponsors and CROs.Send Mail