eConsent (eIC)

eConsent technologies help research participants make informed, rational decisions about clinical trial participation by enhancing the way study information is presented.

Schulman IRB supports and encourages the use of eConsent technology for improved human subject protections.

eConsent Capable

Schulman IRB is fully eConsent capable and has the experience to help clients navigate the electronic informed consent review process. We offer:

  • Platform-agnostic ability to work with any eConsent provider’s platform
  • Dedicated IRB and administrative resources for guidance on using eConsent technology
  • eConsent guidance documents and client submission forms to help streamline the review process
  • Flexibility to accommodate your study’s unique eConsent requirements

Implementing eConsent for your next study can result in better informed research participants who are more likely to stay in the study for the duration.

Ready to submit an eConsent for IRB review? Review Electronic Informed Consent (eIC) to get started.