Phase I Research

Schulman IRB offers dedicated Phase I review services designed to meet the fast-paced nature of Phase I trials.

For new Phase I studies, we can provide an accelerated turnaround time for review. When timelines are especially tight, rush review services are also available.

Review Timeline for New Phase I Studies


Approval documents are available electronically within 48-72 hours of IRB approval.

For Phase I studies, Schulman utilizes a real-time approach to resolving Board concerns during the IRB meeting, allowing you to address the Board directly and saving significant time for follow-up. Our pre-review process helps to identify possible issues or discrepancies in a submission, providing you with the opportunity to clarify these matters prior to IRB review.

Informed consent writing services are also available to assist you in drafting your informed consent document(s). Schulman can draft a study-specific informed consent in as little as 72 hours.

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