Electronic Informed Consent (eIC)

As a leader in technology to support human subject protection, Schulman takes a flexible approach in the review of non-traditional informed consent procedures that involve electronic components, understanding that each study, population, and platform is unique.

This approach results in a collaborative review experience so that, in the end, study subjects are afforded the best opportunity to understand the research.

Schulman has worked with a variety of eIC platforms, and our processes are built to complement any platform.

When there is significant new information that would impact a subject’s willingness to continue to participate, and there is not sufficient time to update the eIC, consider submitting a paper informed consent and/or “dear subject” notification to communicate updates to the subjects in an accelerated manner.

For more information on the review process and submission steps, please review our Electronic Informed Consent (eIC) Guidance.

If you have any questions regarding timelines for review of your specific submission, please contact your Study Manager or call 513-761-4100.